Hindusthan Art & Music Society
Hindusthan Art & Music Society introducing “D LIT“ & “HONORARY DOCTORATE”

History is witness that Indian Art and Culture has been grossly enriched by the traditional Gurus from time immemorial. Even though these Gurus , Pandits and ustads have no formal qualifications in the field of Art and Culture, but by the virtue of “Gurumukhi Vidya” and “Guru Shishya parampara” they have inculcated the seeds of fine arts amongst the desirous shishyas. They have groomed them at par excellence. The nuances, skills and melody dully honed by these Gurus have mesmerized the audiences worldover. The result is manifold. They have contributed to the cultural heritage to such extent that the desirous personsto excell in Indian Art and culture are coming to India from all over the world. Some of them are practicing celibacy to be an ardent learner of Indian Arts and Culture.
It will not be out of place to mention that the prevalent “Gharanas” such as “Banaras Gharana”, “Purab Baaj”, “the lucknow and Jaipur Gharana” arte the great contributions to our enriched and refined cultural heritage. Keeping pace with the time a substantial amount of research has been made by these Gharanas gurus to make more acceptable to the present generation. Time and again it has become the “Art of Life ” at par with the world class of symphony. By and large “Hindusthan Art and Music Society” is looking forward to confer “honorary Doctorate” to artiste in general and Gurus , Pandits and Ustads in particular, who due to the miseries of life couldn’t acquired a formal education in the fields of Art and Culture. In it’s initiative and drive hams is looking forward to invite applications , nominations recommendations and self appraisals from the desirous aspirants. On receipt of their CVs, a learned team of Selection Board will examine their outstanding contributions in the field of Rt and Culture and confer “Honorary Doctorate” to them based on their meritorious contributions. In view of the above all the maestros, Gurus, Panditijis, Ustads and exponents of Art and Culture are requested to forward the details of their contributions and life time achievements to HAMS (hamsociety2010@outlook.com) immediately. In this regard, the connoisseurs of Art and Culture , the Selection Board of various competitions the external examiners of universities , AIR &TV, Administrators, teachers and Experts/wizards of various schools, institute are also requested to forward the list of their contributions/achievements to HAMS for considerations.

Eligibility criteria:

All the outstanding and reputed artiste of ‘ Indian Art and Culture’ whose contributions have significantly enriched the cultural heritage of India. Age: The applicant Artiste must be above forty years .


Applicants are required to fill up the prescribed application form which will be made available to the desirous candidates on receipt of their request in writing or email to “administration@hamsociety.org.


Candidates have to get themselves registered with HAMS on payment of a fee of
INR 2000.00 (Two Thousand only) for India
USD 50 (Fifty Dollar) for Abroad
Fees Non Refundable,In case the candidate is not found suitable for the Honorary Doctorate .


Candidates have to enclose/attach authentic supportive documents:-
✔ Copies of awards
✔ Degree
✔ Diplomas
✔ Citations
✔ Newspaper clippings
✔ Audio and Video Clips
✔ Certificates and evidences of their performances in the prestigious auditoriums, venues of India and abroad.
✔ They have also to enclose the details of their contributions/achievements for enriching the cultural heritage of India.


A selection board comprising experts-maestros exponents / ustads /panditjis /wizards/connoisseurs of Indian art and culture will examine/ scrutinize /evaluate/ the enclosures / attachments/evidences, supporting documents, certificates citations, self appraisals and awards will verify the authenticity of CDs, Audios and videos , held interviews and discussions with the short listed candidates. All complexions of the vetting the selection board will recommend the names of the desrving candidates to HAMS in the form of merit list.


On finalization of the Awardees’ list HAMS will convey in a convocation ceremony or else , HAMS will confer the Honorary Doctorate to the suitable and deserving candidates in a prestigious programmes in India or abroad.


A consolidated fee of Rs 40000(rupees Forty thousand only) for the India & $ 600 (Six hundred US Dollar) is to paid by the candidates. However, in their case of rupees 2000 only/ $ 50 (Fifty Dollar) will be deducted from rupees 40,000 / $ 600 (Six hundred Dollar) i.e. the awardees has to pay a sum of Rupees 38000(Rupees Thirty eight thousand Only ) / $ 550(Five hundred Dollar) by Bank Draft or Cheque favorable to “Hindusthan Art & Music Society” payable at Kolkata. All the desirous deserving candidates may sent their request for registration in writing or email.

Awardees with D.LIT

✪ Padma Vibhushan Pt. Jasraj, Dr. Ashutosh Sharma.

✪ Padma Vibhushan Pt. Hariprasad Chowrasia,

Awardees with Doctorate on the session 2017-2018

✪ Pt. L.K.Pandit
✪ Padmabhusan Saroja Vaidyanathan
✪ Padmasree Amiyaranjan Bandopadhyay
✪ Padma Bhusan Pt. Vishwamohan Bhat
✪ Padmasree Bhajan Soopri.

Successful applied Awardees with Honorary Doctorate

✪ Guru Sanchita Bhattacharya
✪ Guru Rakhi Roy
✪ Bidushi Sunita Tikare.
✪ Guru Bhairavi Kumar
✪ Mr. Asish Chatterjee
✪ Mrs. Mita Chowrasia
✪ Mr. Chandan Singh.

Awardees with Doctorate on the session 2018-2019

✪ Padmasree Nayan Ghosh, Padmasree Anup Jalota
✪ Guru Kalyan Sundaram Pillai
✪ Pt. Ronu Majumder
✪ Guru Gajendra Panda
✪ Mr. Ranjeet Barot
✪ Mr. Lalit V Verma
✪ Mr. Debasish Kumar.

Successful applied Awardees with Honorary Doctorate

✪ Mr. Akhilesh Khandelwal, Mr. Ashwini Verma
✪ Mrs. Kakoli Kanjilal, Mrs. Sanchita Roy.

Awardees with Doctorate on the session 2019-2020

✪ Theatre personality Usha Ganguly
✪ Social worker Mr. Thevan Tiwari,Thailand
✪ Social Worker Mr. Arun Praharaj, Bahrain.