Since we are mostly offering in-tangible irrevocable digital services, we do not issue refunds after the sale. Please make sure you’ve carefully read and understood all the relevant descriptions, documentation and instructions and that you have tried out the samples before buying. Please feel free to call us on 033 2494-1236 if you have any queries. We are not responsible for any loss/corruption of data that may occur during the process of streaming / downloading it if you fail to correctly follow the instructions and/ or for reasons not directly attributable to the process/ software used by us for completing the process of making the data available for your streaming/download. We are also not responsible for non-completion of the transaction as a result of events beyond our control, such as power cuts, disconnection of internet services by your service provider, use of incompatible third party software by you, refusal of a request by the service provider at the time of making electronic payments, etc. In cases where the data that has been streamed/downloaded is found to be corrupt or unplayable for any fault of the Website, we would not provide a refund but would instead provide you with a working copy for streaming / re-download. In case of premiere/webcast of events, end-users viewing the webcast will need a minimum download speed of 2 MBPS to view the webcast without buffering & delays. Please verify your Internet speeds/bandwidth (at or of or


HAMS reserves the right to cancel the registration of the student during any period of the academic session. Once the student admission process is completed, no refund of fees to the student would be entertained.