Dr.-Ashutosh-Sharma (President)

It was a heavenly experience, when I held the position of the President of HAMS. HAMS is a worldwide organization of high ethics and aims to serve not to rule. HAMS is a great organization to promote Indian Culture and to support relevant traditions and customs in a global examination centre to serve mankind with imparting knowledge and conducting examinations of songs, instruments, dance and various arts. Sustaining a balance between culture and civilization HAMS is building bridges between countries and breaking barriers of narrowness and meanness.


It fulfils “Need of the Hour”, that is to establish healthy relations between persons of different countries through organizing programmes frequently. My visit to Thailand and Malaysia played a very crucial role in my life where I came to know how much Indian music and culture is welcomed in other parts of the world. Loved and respected by them, regular classes of Hindustani and Carnatic classical music in KualaLampur in Subhash Chandra Bose Auditorium and classical devotional songs in SAI MANDIR in Malaysia left me filled with pride for my beloved country India.

Awarding D. Litt and Doctorate degrees to renowned personalities and celebrities of India and abroad, maestros of music/dance/instruments, social workers and budding talents is another praiseworthy activity of Hindustan Arts and Music Society India. One of the most memorable moments of my life was when HAMS awarded D.Litt to classical flautist honourable Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiaji, Hon’ble Pt, Jasrajji, Pt. Anup Jalotaji, Pt. Nayan Ghosh ji, Guru Gajendra Pandaji, and others. In August 2018, at Mumbai, HAMS was blessed by many of these great personalities whose company or even darshan was a dream for many people in the world of Music, Dance and Arts. Thousands of students appear in the examination of Dance, Song, Art and Recitation every year in India and somewhat ten countries abroad from the institutes affiliated under HAMS. HAMS has been looking forward to establish MUSIC UNIVERSITY in India, most probably in Madhya Pradesh (Hoshangabad) that would be a milestone in cultural development and advancement in INDIA. Research work in folk songs, dances, imparting education free of cost to physically disabled persons, awarding scholarship on merits, organizing competitions and conferences on National and International Levels, implementing schemes and programmes of Art and Music in Central and State Governments are some leading activities done by HAMS. Noble efforts, honest approach, sincere planning and egoless attitude are the key words for HAMS. A solemn company of Pt. Prosenjit Poddar the Secretary of HAMS has made it possible for me to serve Music and Art with full vigor and enthusiasm. Pt. Poddar’s devotion, foresightedness, clarity in vision and tireless efforts will definitely give new heights to Hindustan Arts and Music Society in the coming years.

Pt. Prosenjit Poddar (Secretary)

India’s association with art and culture can be traced back to thousands of years. The classical music and dance forms of ancientIndia have been carried forward by the gurus till date with utmost dedication and love..
Although ancient India witnessed the concept of Guru Shishya Parampara at the Gurus’ place, the modern world has given birth to the concept of educational institutes for imparting lessons of music, art and dance. However, the interest in the classical art forms is somewhat on the way of perishing as the younger gener ation is shifting the interest to western art forms and lifestyles. As one of the founding members and the secretary of Hindusthan Art & Music Society, I had a dream of empowering the present generation about the importance of Indian art and culture overshadowed by the modern culture. With the mission of preserving & promoting the cultural importance and Indian music and dance amongst the youths of the country and across the borders, HAMS was established in 2010. HAMS, a global cultural board with its chief objective to upheld India’s art and culture has been working for the preservation of Indian art and culture for the past one decade.

With the fundamental objective to revive the prestige of the art of music comprising vocal music, instrumental music, dance and to organize systematic training in the field of art in India and also in foreign countries, HAMS has been working with utmost devotion. Over the years, a number of institutes have been affiliated under HAMS and thousands of students all across the country and abroad have been appearing for the examinations annually. The examinations are conducted in a strict manner so as to retain the proper standards of the education among the youths. Working as the secretary of HAMS, I have been encouraging the youth of today to learn about the significance that Indian art and culture holds. With the mission and vision, HAMS is conducting researches in folk songs, dances. Added to its chief emphasis and objectives, HAMS has been working for imparting free education to the physically disabled people and has been warding scholarships to the students based on merits. An annual competition and festival of Bharat Sanskriti Utsab is organized by HAMS so as to offer a global platform to the masses interested in art and culture. The competition and festival witnesses a large number of people inclined to the Indian art and culture participates and get judged by renowned and established artists of the respective fields. Regular events of Indian art are organized all throughout the year at various cities in the country as well as abroad, especially in Thailand, Singapore, Dubai and others. Striving to achieve the endeavors that the founding members of HAMS had began in the initial years, a number of programmes and schemes have been implemented for the development of the Indian art over the years. The latest plan is to collaborate with the Rangsit University of Thailand for a program in Bangkok. Wishing to attain all the goals and vision that the organization holds, I hope to carry on with the preservation, promotion and restoration of the Indian culture among the youths of the present generation.