The Board has a regular scheme to award scholarships to brilliant and indigent students on the basis of their results in the various examinations conducted by the Board. The recipients of such scholarships are provided with opportunity for further training and education in the subject(s) of their choice at Kolkata under the able guidance of highly qualified teachers of the Board. These scholarship awardees, on completion of their training, are also provided assistance in securing suitable placement in educational institutions in both public and private.

Lecture Demonstration, Workshop & Programme

HAMS introduced of the lec-dem (lecture-demonstration) format to present Indian classical art forms in a comprehensive manner in front of today’s youth, which has given them an understanding of the basics of the classical art forms, and done away with the misconception that classical arts are difficult to understand. To give our artistes a chance to undertake an inward journey and reach depths of performance (taking us along too), we endeavor to organize performances in an ambience conducive for touching the highest heights, both by the artists and the rasikas. HAMS’s intention is to enrich the quality of formal education by increasing awareness about different aspects of Indian heritage and inspiring the young mind to imbibe the values embedded in it. It seeks to inspire youth through experiencing the mysticism embodied in the rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry of Indian and World Heritage, with a hope that the beauty, grace, values and wisdom embodied in these arts will influence their way of life and thinking and inspire one to become a better human being. For this, the most accomplished artistes of the country render programmes of Indian classical music and dance, folk, poetry, theatre, traditional paintings, crafts & yog primarily in schools and colleges.

Counseling and Guidance

It is a fact that the students do not get adequate facilities for counseling and guidance and consequently have to wander far and wide in search of employment opportunities. To overcome this lacuna, special cell has been set up to provide necessary guidance and counseling to the candidates to help them secure jobs with the active collaboration of various State Governments or other employment agencies all over the country. The qualified applicants are informed of the employment opportunities and helped in securing jobs on successful completion of their training.