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Examination Wing

The Executive Committee has decided to implement online system for carrying out all examination related activities. This will be beneficial for all the stake holders including students, centers and the office staff. HAMS has taken a great effort to implement this system and has been continuously looking towards enhancements of the same to cater all the future requirements using web technology. The Society is the professional competence and infrastructure for holding various examinations in Indian Classical Music, Dance, Recitation and Fine Arts. It holds two examinations in a year i.e. Annual and Bi-Annual.The Annual Theoretical examinations are held during the month of January 2nd week & Practical Examination are held during January to June 20th every year. The Bi-Annual examinations are heald during the month of July every year. Authorized Invigilator of Society may attend the center during Theoretical Examination. Centers will have to submit or send theoretical answer script on the next day of examination. Society will select Practical Examiner for different centers for every every holder after getting the appointment letter are to contact each other for holding practical examination smoothly. In this respect full of co-operation of the Examiner is expected. To complete the examination entire responsibility will have to be shared by the Center superintendent, teacher, Students & Guardians. The Kalaratna Examinations (6th & 7th Year) are held during the month of July/August every Year in Kolkata, Bhopal, Bhilai & Mumbai. In abroad the theoretical & Practical examinations will be held on August to September every year.


The society awards the under-mentioned certificates and diplomas to the successful candidates in the following subjects: Vocal (Hindustani & Karnataki Kheyal, Bhavsangeet, Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrul geeti, Folk Song) Instruments (Sitar, Sarod, Sarengi, Santoor, Sehenai, esraj, flute, Keyboard, Violin, guitar) Dance (Kathak, Bharatnattyam, Odissi, manipuri, kuchipudi, mohininattyam, sattriya, bihu, folk, rabindra nritya, gouriya) Percussion (Tabla, Pakhowaj, Srikhol, dholok), Recitation, Fine Art & Western Music & Dance. The duration of the examination procedure of HAMS is 08(eight) year. It start with Pre Primary & Primary year under “BASIC DIPLOMA”. The 1st Year Examination is recognized as “JUNIOR DIPLOMA”. The 2nd & 3rd year examination are regardes as “SENIOR DIPLOMA”. The 4th & 5th year examination are under “VISHARAD” is treated as equivalent to Bachelor degree in Music. The 6th & 7th year examination are regardes as “KALARATNA“ treated as equivalent to Post-Graduate qualification in Music, Dance & Fine Arts.